"NEW ALT" (New Alternatives) a merchandise collaboration with Danish art fair ALT_CPH and a search for alternatives instead of following traditions! 

Photography - Timothy Schaumburg
Videography - Fritz Schiffers
Art Direction - Filip Berg / Souvenir Official

It’s 2018 and we’re looking for new alternatives.
Souvenir Official and ALT_CPH Art Fair came together to create merchandise in the spirit of the of the artists and artworks being shown at the fair.

We are looking for alternatives to the detached body politic, to mindless consumerism, to environmental destruction and digital alienation. Alternatives to conservatism and right-wing nationalism, to fear and hate. Alternatives to gridlocked institutions and useless traditions and everything else that holds us back.

At the Danish performance festival ALT_CPH, art becomes the medium to explore these alternate modes of existence. Contemporary, compassionate, and honest, the participating artists weave political and social fictions to help us better understand, and help us better, our reality. They transform neu to alt(ernative) and old to new, alt to art and back again. Representing a young generation of creatives who are tired of crusted social institutions and stale conventions, NEW ALT honors art as an ex- ploration of our possible futures, our imagined realities, and bluntly, some better options. As pioneers of the contemporary, we don’t quite know where we’ll end up - but we know there must be better ways of getting there.