Isa Genzken Longsleeve

by Souvenir x König Galerie x Isa Genzken

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The Issie Energie Longsleeve was created in collaboration with König Galerie to celebrate the life and work of Isa Genzken, one of the most influential artists of our time. Perpetually crossing the boundaries of art, genre, and composition, Genzken creates her eccentric sculptures from found and reworked materials.

Embracing the offbeat humor and unconventional material mix that is characteristic of Genzken’s work, the Issie Energie Longsleeve features two private photographs of the artist. They capture the essence of what it means to be Isa: a modern icon of art, audacious and moody, but never self-serious.

Isa Genzken’s exhibiton ‘Issie Energie’ opened at König Galerie on November 11th.

Issie Energie Longsleeve, 2017
Photo transfer / screen print
100% Cotton