NEW ALT T-shirt
NEW ALT T-shirt
NEW ALT T-shirt

NEW ALT T-shirt

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Representing a new generation of creatives that’s tired of crusted institutions and stale conventions, SOUVENIR presents the NEW ALT T-shirt. The project was created as the official souvenir of Danish performance art festival ALT_CPH 2018. NEW ALT honors performance art as an exploration of possible futures, imagined realities, and bluntly, some better options. Inside out or outside, it's time to start thinking about things a little differently.

It’s 2018, and we’re looking for new alternatives.

You can read more about the festival on their website.


NEW ALT T-shirt, 2018

Screen Print / Woven Label on T-shirt
100% Cotton

Washing Instructions:
For performers only,
Handle with self-care.
Do not irony.
Turn outside in before washing.
Donate after use. 
NEW ALT T-shirt