Späti Calendar 2018

by König Souvenir x Sleek Magazine

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Under-the-table and over-the-counter, the Späti is the most magically non-legit thing about Germany’s otherwise regimented existence. Every Berliner has a “Späti des Vertrauens” upheld by the heroic patrons who have been known to share joints, techno and wisdom over an ice-cold pilsner. 

In honor of this fine institution, KÖNIG SOUVENIR has teamed up with SLEEK Magazine for a 2018 wall calendar that also functions as guide to the city’s best Spätis. Featuring portraits of Berlin’s Späti heroes by photographer Joseph Kadow, the year planner documents Berlin’s most beloved institution.  

Späti Calendar, 2018
Photography by Joseph Kadow
21x29,7 cm
Print on Paper